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Being Too Well Prepared

This article is part of a section of the RcTek site where information is put that doesn’t necesssarily fit directly into any of the model car sections.

Below is a short tale about the perils of being too well prepared.

Too Well Prepared?

Sometimes it pays not to be so prepared or diligent. Having planned to fit some FG Modellsport shock absorbers to my PB Dart ready for the weekend playtime, I needed to fit ball ends to replace the plastic mouldings that FG supply in order to allow for movement of the bottom of the shock absorber.

The 7mm diameter PB ball ends were a good fit in the spring retainers but the thread was 5mm and the FG shock shafts were 4mm. A neat solution was to use a Heli-Coil® to adapt the ball end to the shaft.

Having only a couple of these ball ends to adapt and not being in the possession of the appropriate tool (and not being able to justify the cost), I decided the make a mandrill and power the steel Heli-Coil® into the relatively soft plastic.

Mr. Prepared halted the project as he (me) had diligently been through every last one of the many he had and pre-threaded them to save time track-side.

The moral of this story

Mr. Prepared needs to spend more time racing and less time preparing for such racing.

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