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PB Racing Dart Fifth Scale Model Car Building Tips

Below are listed some tips that make assembling the PB Racing Dart somewhat easier.

Please see the Dart Modifications section for further information.

PB Dart Rear Top Link

Rear Top Link Tip

The upper link mounting post (part number 76/223) is normally secured with an Allen cap set screw. This invariably comes loose and causes problems as it is hard to re-tighten with the car assembled. A simple but effective solution is to replace this with a hexagon headed screw, which can easily be tightened.

It also allows you to alter the camber/camber change ratio. Click the image to see a bigger version.

Another worthwhile alternative is to use a grub screw and a nylock nut as this allows easy assembly or disassembly with the differential in place.

PB Dart Front Axle Alloy Studs

Part number 72/236

The alloy studs originally specified for the car were found to be insufficiently strong to cope with the forces put on them. They were superceded by M6 × 25mm high tensile grubs screws, which provided an effective solution to the problem.

The only problem with this substitution is that the length of the front axle is increased. This is compounded by the insufficient threading of some the stub axles (part number 72/232).

An easy ‘fix’ for this is to use a tap to thread to the bottom of the hole in the axle, which stops the threads overhanging the wheel outer edge.

PB Dart Front & Rear Axles

Part number 72/232 & 76/282(A)

The flats ground on the axles for the wheel driver square (part number 72/234) retaining grub screws are not deep enough to allow the supplied grub screw (part number 95/206) to seat properly. This leads to problems mounting and un-mounting the wheels.

A shorter grub can be used, but a Dremel® type tool can be used to create a deeper concave shaped depression that retains the wheel driver better.

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