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PB Racing Dart 1/5th Scale Model Racing Car

The Dart was the last car designed and produced by PB Racing. It was its first attempt at a large scale car and showed great promise.

Due to a combination of reasons, the car never really reached its true potential.

As it is a mostly machined car, some work was generally required to get the parts to fit together correctly.

Subsections & Articles

The PB Racing Dart Chassis

Dart Front End

Dart Rear

Unlike the majority of large scale cars, it was manufactured predominantly from aluminium alloy, with plastic parts to provide breakage points to protect the rest of the car.

Although unusual in the large scale market in being supplied as a kit, it also came complete with front disk brakes.

Our Experience

Having spent considerable time with the Dart and its problems, we have quite an amount of information to help you in building, maintaining and modifying your Dart. This information will be put on this site when time allows.

I personally have three Darts, one standard, one heavily modified and Keith Plesteds development car. I have gained my experience through being with the team for over a year from home and at race meetings all over the UK.

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