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PB Racing Dart 1/5th Scale Car Build Manual

These files were derived from the original PB Racing Dart manual files and have been published as separate files, as one whole file would have may have been too big for some people.

All these files are in Adobe PDF format and if you ‘mouse over’ the pictures, you will see what the size of the file is.


There were a few design changes after this manual was produced, they are listed after the manual section at the bottom of the page.

We have also produced a reference chart of the nuts and bolts, etc. that hold together a car.

PB Racing Dart Manual

Fixings Chart

Dart Fixings - 42kb

We have compiled a PDF reference chart of all the nuts & bolts, etc. that go into the building of a PB Racing Dart kit.

These are full sized drawings that you can identify and compare the fixings you have or have been supplied with.

Click the image to download the file.

Design Changes

Although there were more changes made, the items below are the most relevant.

The clutch was adapted so that five of the disc springs could be fitted instead of the original three.

The alloy studs that were fitted in the front axles were changed for high tensile grub screws. This did cause a problem with the length of the axle, see PB Dart Building Tips for more information.

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