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PB Racing Dart 1/5th Scale - FG Shock Absorbers

We have fitted our PB Racing Dart with FG Modellsport shock absorbers at the rear, the article can be seen here.

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FG Shock Absorbers - The Australian Version

PB Dart Rear FG Modellsport Shock Absorbers

PB Dart Rear FG Modellsport Shock Absorbers

We have had the below pictures sent in by David Hyde of his version of mounting the FG Modellsport shock absorbers to the rear of the Dart.

The image on the left shows the mounted shock absorbers, the way he has achieved this is far neater than my own version as he has used one of the alloy axle block upper links (part number 76/281).

This has been slotted and bolted through the side plate.

The image on the right shows how the bottom of the shock absorbers have been mounted on an extended lower wishbone pivot pin (part number 76/203). This will give the maximum amount of leverage to the shock absorber and will generate a good anti-roll effect.

The Anti-Roll Bar

PB Dart Rear FG Modellsport Shock Absorbers

PB Dart Rear Anti-Roll Bar

The standard rear anti-roll bar arrangement has been retained, but altered by drilling holes in the anti-roll bar main bar (part number 76/240) in a position to line up with the mounting points of the original shock absorbers.


The FG shock absorbers are apparently working well and we will possibly copy his mounting ideas in our next version of the Dart.

Many thanks to David for submitting the pictures and the information.

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