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PB Racing Dart Nerf Plate Mounting Suggestion

The solid way that the nerf plates are mounted on the PB Racing Dart leads to problems with bending and breakage of the nerf plates.

Below we suggest a novel solution to this problem.

A Spring Mounting Solution

PB Dart Spring Nerf Mounting

Having tried a few different things we thought that some form of flexibility in the mounting of the nerf plates would be a good idea.
Pictured left is an inexpensive coil spring that is installed along with a correspondingly longer set screw at either end of the nerf plate. The nylock nut is tightened until the spring is nearly coil bound and works particularly well as the way the leverage works there is more upward movement than there is downward movement. This means that the fuel tank mounted inside the nerf plate does not cause it to sag down and trail on the track, but allows it to move up slightly when encountering kerbs, etc.

The spring that was used is a relatively heavy gauge item that was purchased from a local car parts supplier and was cut in half, so only two springs were required.

Only Two Mounting Points

PB Dart Nerf Plate

As the middle mounting point of the nerf plate is under a radio tray post, it was decided to cut away the metal around this central point and allow the nerf plate to be suspended on a spring at either end.

A longer mounting post was made up, but flat steel washers could be substituted without any problems being encountered.


This is a straightforward and inexpensive solution to the problem of nerf plates breaking on the Dart.

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