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PB Racing Dart Rear Double Shock Mounts

The standard PB Racing Dart came with one pair of dampers which were originally designed for the Diamond 1/8th scale car.

Two pairs of dampers can be fitted and a mounting kit were available from KP Designs.


Please Note: You would need to acquire a pair of dampers as KP Designs only supplied the fittings.

Fitting the extra set of dampers is a relatively simple operation involving the removal of the side plate spacer post (#76/210), which can be seen in the Build Manual Sheet 11 PDF file.

KP Designs Version

KP Designs PB Racing Dart Shock Mountings

The KP Designs version shown left uses a longer version of the standard top hat pivot bush (#76/211) and some longer allen cap screws.

Webmasters’ Version

Webmasters PB Racing Dart Shock Mounts

PB Racing Dart Rear Brakes

As making the mountings is a straight forward operation (if you have a lathe that is!) I decided to use some spare dampers from my Black Diamond and make some of my own.

My own version uses the original top hat bush and a longer screw in combination with a stepped bush. I decided on this arrangement as it offers better lateral control over the movement of the dampers.

Shown right is my version of the double damper mountings fitted to the Dart. Click the image to see a bigger version.

Please Note: only one pair of springs is required.


If anyone would like further information or drawings for this particular modification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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