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PB Racing Dart Rear Outboard Brakes

The standard inboard layshaft mounted rear brakes for the PB Racing Dart have their problems with both performance and overheating. Although the only commercially available solution was to fit the KP Designs outboard hydraulic type, for which a full fitting kit is available for both front and rear, a few people have devised their own solutions.

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Webmasters Own Solution

PB Racing Dart Rear Brakes

PB Racing Dart Rear Brakes

This is my own brake implementation, in which the brake callipers used were inspired by those fitted to the SVM Columbia car.

After having seen the mountings of the KP Designs hydraulics and another version using cable brakes, I decided on an approach that did not require any cutting of the hub carrier or delay in changing the hub carrier due to having to wait for adhesives to cure.

This does mean that the standard callipers will not fit unless you have the Dart configured as a truck.

Shown left is a rear view of the assembly. The calliper is mounted on a flat piece of aluminium, which you can see is attached to the rear hub carrier using three fasteners. Two alloy spacers are used at the top to mount the plate at 90 degrees to the carrier through the existing top link mounting holes (see below left).

The plate could be lightened if the need was felt.

PB Racing Dart Rear Brakes

PB Racing Dart Rear Brakes

The picture on the right is a top view of the mounting of the calliper and clearly shows the spacers mentioned above.

On the left is a side view of the assembly, showing the position of the calliper relative to the disc and axle.

The final picture on the right shows the route that the brake cables take to the servo. A small alloy plate was made to mount one of the standard front brake balancing units. This plate uses a conveniently placed hole in the Zenoah engine as a mounting point. This did create a slight problem as, due to the angle between the balancing unit and the servo, the radio plate flexed, thus reducing the effectiveness of the brakes.

Servo Position Modification

PB Racing Dart Servo Mounts

The diagram on the left shows how the flexing problem mentioned above was cured.

Some 8mm thick plastic blocks were made up and were used under the servo mounting lugs to move it upwards, therefore reducing the angle between the two.

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