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Although the PB range of cars is no longer being manufactured, around the world there remains substantial amounts of cars and parts. We have a growing collection of information about the cars and indeed have a few of them ourselves.

We think it is important to have as much information available as possible, especially as PB Racing were one of the founders of model car racing.

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More PB Information

Although we have a certain amount of information and experience of these cars, we hope to provide information about any other cars, if requested. Also, if you need them, we have a few graphics available for download.

We have the backing of a few different people, including Mr PB himself, Keith Plested, who has now established KP Designs to manufacture parts and accessories for the large scale car market.

Part Numbers

The PB Racing range of cars shares a certain amount of parts, which is logical. But, these parts can and do have different part numbers. Also, with the Dart large scale car, the same part can have two different part numbers to identify which end of the car it goes. Wherever possible all part numbers for a given part will be stated, as well as possible substitutions.

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