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PB Racing Mustang X3 1/8th Scale Off Road Car

Although I have personally never seen any of the PB Racing Mustangs, there has been a reasonable amount of interest in what is a relataively old car.

We must say a big thank you to Keith Snell for allowing us to copy his original manual and providing some background information.

The Car & Some History

PB Racing Mustang X3

PB Racing Mustang X3

The Mustang X3 was first produced in April 1987 and was preceded by a few other versions, which included such as the Mustang, Mustang Xi2 and the Mustang Xi2 Super Competition, which date back to 1982.

There was a 1/10th scale version, aptly named the Mini Mustang, which was an electric off-road car produced in 1986.

Shown above are a couple of pictures (which you can click on to see a bigger version) of what must have been a high specification car for it’s day.

The PB Mustang Build Manual

PB Mustang Manual Page 1

We have converted the printed manual into a format suitable for viewing in your browser and will publish further information and/or pictures when and if they become available.

We also have the instructions for the shock absorbers that we may add to this section in the future.

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