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Serpent Veteq Building Tips & Modifications

This section of the site offers building tips & modifications for the Serpent Veteq car.

This section needs updating as the car is no longer in production and spares would seem to be limited (December, 2008).

We will update this when we have time.

Exhaust Mounting Suggestion

Veteq Exhaust Spring

A few people have had problems with the standard exhaust mounting spring and we came up with a solution which was in use for some time with no problems.

Rear Body Mount Modification

Rear Body Mount Modification

Although the body posts on the rear body mounts on the Veteq are tall enough for you to move the body up (or down) this straightforward tip submitted by Bhajan Panesar provides much more rear downforce on the Veteq.

Fuel Tank Modification

Serpent Veteq Fuel Tank Modification

Serpent AFL fuel tank cap

It was discovered that the Veteq can suffer from severe fuel starvation in some driving conditions. This can be corrected by performing a simple and inexpensive modification.

A possible partial cure to the fuel starvation problem has been found by putting a thin coating of silicone sealant between the engine mountings and side plates etc. before assembly. When the two parts are then bolted together the transmission of vibration around the car is substantially reduced.

Serpent released a new fuel tank cap to alleviate fuel pressure problems just after refuelling. This will fit all Serpent fuel tanks, not just the Veteq one.

Note: No longer available (December, 2008).

Rear Drive Belt Misalignment

Rear Drive Belt Misalignment

Apparently the alignment of the early rear drive pulleys may make the drive belt not run centrally. This can be corrected by performing the simple modification submitted to us by John Russell.

Steering Bushes

Serpent Veteq Steering Bush

A particular problem that certain people seem to be having is with the aluminium bushes (shown right) that go into the left and right steering levers. The machine screws that go through the graphite steering connector seem to loosen off quickly unless threadlock is used.

Belt Tensioner

Make sure that the screw that retains the belt tensioner bearing assembly has threadlock on it as the vibration will work it loose. It may be worth replacing the screw with a longer item and using a locknut (if there is space) to ensure that you don’t lose these relatively expensive bearings.


Any metal to metal joins on the car (steel screws into aluminium parts, etc.) should be assembled using threadlock (Loctite™, etc.). Your choice of strength of threadlock will depend on how often the parts need disassembling, but mild strength threadlock should be acceptable on almost all parts.

Cordless Electric Screwdriver

We recommend that you purchase one of those small cordless electric screwdrivers as there are many machine screws on the Veteq that soon tire the hands.

Further Information

For further information regarding the rest of the Serpent range of model cars and accessories please visit the Serpent web site.

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