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Serpent Veteq Exhaust Mounting Suggestion

This section of the RcTek site covers tips and modifications that can be made to the Serpent Veteq 1/8th scale radio controlled model car.

A few people have had problems with the standard exhaust mounting spring and we came up the below solution which was in use for some time with no problems.

The Standard Spring

Serpent Veteq Exhaust Spring

There seems to be a clearance problem with the exhaust mounting spring (pictured right) supplied with the Veteq. This has resulted in a few people breaking the spring in trying to bend it to fit.

Whilst the clearance problem might have be fixed by Serpent we have tried various different solutions to the exhaust mounting problem in the past and have settled on the design show below.

Our Solution

Serpent Veteq Exhaust Spring

Serpent Veteq Exhaust Spring

The exhaust mounting shown to the left is made from a piece of piano wire, which is hardened but is soft enough for the loop to bend in the event of a collision.

The gauge (thickness) of the wire needs to be small enough to fit into the holes in both the plastic moulding on the car and the exhaust.

The exhaust mounting wire is shown to the right fitted to the Veteq.

Please note: That the coil of the wire is apart slightly to stop metal to metal contact, which could give rise to radio interference.


If you can get the standard Serpent spring to fit on the Veteq without clearance problems you are advised to use it as it works in the correct way.

We have an article that provides further information about exhaust mountings.

Please note: that we do not sell this mounting wire as they are relatively easy to make.

Further Information

For further information regarding the rest of the Serpent range of model cars and accessories please visit the Serpent web site.

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