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Serpent Veteq Rear Body Mount Modification

This section of the RcTek site covers tips and modifications that can be made to the Serpent Veteq 1/8th scale radio controlled model car.

Although the body posts on the rear body mounts on the Veteq are tall enough for you to move the body up (or down) this straightforward tip submitted by Bhajan Panesar in 2001 provides much more rear downforce on the Veteq.

The Modification

Serpent Vector & Veteq Rear Body Mounts

This modification simply involves changing the Veteq rear body mount support arms (part number 901324) for the Vector ones (part number 909342). As you can see in the image on the right the Vector ones are taller and so lift the rear of the body, thus creating more rear downforce.

The Vector body support arms fit straight on and do not need modifying in any way, so you can change the parts back whenever you want.


This modification apparently worked well, but you have to remember that the gain in the downforce at the rear is matched by a decrease in the front downforce generated by the body.

Many thanks to Bhajan Panesar for informing us of this inexpensive and straightforward modification.

Further Information

For further information regarding the rest of the Serpent range of model cars and accessories please visit the Serpent web site.

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