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Serpent Veteq 1/8th Scale Photo Shoot & Report - Part 2

Note: This article needs updating.

We managed to lay our hands onto one of the first Serpent Veteq cars into the UK (2001) in order to bring you this review.

This is the second part of our three part article introducing the Serpent Veteq car. The First Part has more photos and descriptions and the Third Part gives a summary of the features of the Veteq and offers a few suggestions.

Click on any of the photos to view a larger version.

Top View

Serpent Veteq

Shown right is a top down view of the Veteq and shows the full layout of the car.

The centrally mounted tank is designed in such away as to keep the balance of the car consistent as it goes from being full to being empty.

The Side Views

Serpent Veteq

Serpent Veteq

Now that you have seen the top and bottom of the car we can move on and look at the sides. The photos below tell you as much as any description would.

The photo on the left clearly shows the side of the Veteq with the substantial side plates that give the chassis such stiffness.

The right image would have been better taken with the exhaust removed, but serves to show how low every part of the car is.

Anti-Lift Front End

Serpent Veteq

Serpent have designed the Veteq front end to allow the angle of the top wishbones (arms) to be adjusted so that the lifting of the front end under acceleration can be controlled.

The Battery

Serpent Veteq

The battery is mounted underneath the car and is held in an opening in the chassis by a plastic moulding.

This keeps the weight as low as possible and allows for quick removal and re-fitting of the battery.

The Steering

With mounting the steering servo on its side under the radio tray (see battery picture above) Serpent has had to use a different steering system than on the other cars in the range. This has two posts, one of which has a servo saver built in, that provide pivots for the steering arms to connect to the servo.

This system is like that used on the 1/8th rallycross cars. Unfortunately we did not have time to strip the car down to photograph this assembly. Pictures of the assembly can be found on the Serpent site under the Veteq Parts Listings link, although, if we get the opportunity, we will take some photographs.

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