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Serpent Veteq 1/8th Scale Photo Shoot & Report - Part 3 - Conclusions

Note: This article needs updating.

We managed to lay our hands onto one of the first Serpent Veteq cars into the UK (2001) in order to bring you this review.

This is the third part of our three part article introducing the Serpent Veteq car. The First Part and the Second Part have photos and descriptions.


We did not build the Veteq pictured throughout this article and so there are very few building comments that can be made, although they will be added to the Building Tips section when we have any. Since taking the photos we have laid our hands on the Veteq building manual and can confirm that it is the best we have seen from Serpent, a much improved layout will help the model car builder immensely.

I personally like the design, to have fitted so many parts that actually seem to work together in harmony in such a small space is a tribute to the Serpent factory and Michael Salvens abilities.

As previously mentioned the Veteq design is a fairly complex one and, as such, could possibly cause a few problems for the beginner.

With any complex design there are more parts to consider with setup, rebulding and troubleshooting. The main chassis feels very strong and collisions should normally result in breaking of the wishbones, etc. If the car is driven straight into an immovable object at high speed then it is hard to tell what part may move and so troubleshooting which part is bent or twisted could prove time consuming.

There may be more…

We will be trying to keep up with the progress and developments regarding the Veteq as there does seem to be good opportunities for both Serpent and third party maunfacturers to make upgrade/option parts. If the opportunity arises, we would like to bring you a full photographic report on the building/assembly of a Veteq. In the meantime you are advised to visit the Serpent web site.

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