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This section of the RcTek site is devoted to fun & amusement and serves as a little light relief from the seriousness of toy car racing.

Alternative Guide to Tamiya Caps

This article is taken from an email that was the result of asking someone their views about Tamiya caps when they were in a not so serious mood.

UK Weather Warning ;-)

Weather Warning

One of our roving reporters sent us a photo identifying a new threat to those caught in areas that have been flooded for some time. You may wish to carry some extras the next time you venture out.

Tyre Warming

Tyre Warming

Here we have evidence of the webmasters mis-spent youth, in the form of a quick tutorial in warming tyres up.

Word Search Puzzles

Word Search Puzzle 001 - 10kb

Word Search Puzzle 002 - 10kb

For out of season times or moments of boredom, we have created some word search puzzles for you to download and print out. They are all in the format as shown in the image on the right, where you search for a list of words in any direction.

Please feel free, subject to credit being given, to include any of these files in your newsletters, etc.

Puzzle 001 - This puzzle has a Large Scale model car theme. Click the image on the left to download/view this PDF file.

Puzzle 002 - Click the image on the right to download/view this PDF file.

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