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The Alternative Guide to Gluing Tamiya Caps

This article is part of a section of the RcTek site devoted to fun & amusement and serves as a little light relief from the seriousness of toy car racing.

This article outlines the instructions given by one model car racer to another about the intricate job of fitting Tamiya caps that was sent via email.

The Email

Dear ****,

Sorry it has taken so long to answer your questions, but after a great deal of thought and research I have come up with the following suggestions;

Tyre Size

Contrary to popular belief this does matter, I would suggest using tyres as big as possible;

(100mm rear - 94mm front)

This does not make the car handle very well but it will be high enough off the ground to ride over those extra deep puddles.


Again, there are many different compounds you could use, but I personally use the softest possible, not because they grip more but they soak up the most water. This makes the car very heavy and in theory should push it into the tarmac more, therefore giving more grip.


This one was a bit tricky, so I suggest you phone a friend.



This is a very strong glue but I would not suggest using this as it is very dangerous and should only be used when supervised by an adult. It is also very difficult to get off your fingers, especially when a cap is stuck to them also.


Again another strong glue but takes too long to go off. I do enjoy using Evostick but that’s another story.


A strong mixture of flour and water (3 parts flour to 1 part water). This won’t hold the caps on for very long but it does wash out of eyes and clothing quite easily, and any excess mixture can be used around the house for those nasty little corners of wallpaper that won’t stop down. This will keep the wife happy and take her mind off the superglue spillage on the lounge carpet.


There are several different compounds of cap (so I have been told) all of which are quite expensive, but I think I have found a cheap alternative made by a company called Marigold. These come in a variety of sizes and lovely pastel colours, so you can get some to match the colour scheme of your bodyshell.


No reply was received for some reason!!!!

Any other amusing stories will be considered for publication.

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