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The Komatsu Zenoah G230RC Dyno Testing

This section of the RcTek web site features the results of the first published dyno results of the Zenoah G230RC engine. Please see the main Engines section for related material.

The Zenoah G230RC Engine

Please Note: These tests were conducted in late 2000.

Alro Racing Systems

Komatsu Zenoah G230RC

We thank Alro Racing Systems for allowing us access to the dyno results for the Zenoah G230RC large scale car engine.

The engine was tested on no less than eleven different pipes on the dyno and used the same fuel. Also worth noting is that none of the pipes tested were optimised for this engine.

We have also provided some analysis charts of the pipes on test. Please see lower down the page.

The G230RC engine used for testing was totally standard.

Ordinary pump petrol was used throughout all tests.

Dyno Result Charts

Dyno Result Analysis

Further Information

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