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Radio Controlled Model Car Engine Information

This section is aimed at providing information regarding the engines for all scales of radio controlled model car.

As time permits various articles will be expanded upon and published in order to dispel some of the myths of engine construction & tuning.

Home Made PB Dart Exhaust

Home Made PB Dart Exhaust

We have been sent some pictures by José Cunha of the pipe he has in development for his PB Racing Dart.
Shortly afterwards José sent us some further pictures of the finished pipe.

Exhaust Mountings

Nitro Engine Carburettors

Following a request to see if we could provide an exhaust mounting solution for a Serpent Veteq, we put together an article about the various different options for exhaust mountings and the good reasons for implementing them.

Setting Nitro Engine Carburettors

Nitro Engine Carburettors

Following a request on our forum we produced an initial article that identifies the different types of carburettors used on radio controlled model cars. Basic information is also included to inform the car racer about the various adjusters and what they do.

Zenoah Large Scale Model Car Engines

Zenoah G230RC large scale car engine

We have a section devoted to Zenoah engines which includes the first dynamometer results from the G230RC large scale car engine as well as parts listings and diagrams.

Large Scale Engine Mixture Settings

Following repeated requests, we collected together the engine mixture settings for some of the most popular engines used in the large scale model cars.

Large Scale Fuel to Oil Ratio Chart

Fuel/Oil Ratio Chart - 14kb

This PDF chart is for large scale model car drivers. It gives all the necessary quantities of oil to mix with petrol to obtain the correct mixture. It lists from 25:1 (4%) to 50:1 (2%) in litre and US gallon measurements. It is also useful to anyone who needs to premix fuel for two stroke engines.

Click the image to download the file.

Dynamometer (Dyno) Information

Do you know what a dyno does or how it does it? This article aims to better inform such people in a non-technical manner and only introduces the basic facts about dynamometers.

Blueprinted Engines

We have a short article regarding so called ‘blueprinted’ engines, as their seems to be some confusion amongst racers and some dealers as to what one actually is.

Important Notes

Engines are rated by various terms such as torque and horsepower. The various figures quoted for any given engine cannot be compared with all other engines. Although one horsepower is one horsepower, it is the other variables that make direct comparisons all but impossible.

There are numerous different dynamometers in use, which vary widely in their results. The conditions which they are conducted in also has a great effect on the results, as well as the fuel used and the exhaust pipe.

The only directly comparable results will come from the same dyno under the same test conditions.

Engine Terminology

Please check our Glossary for explanations of any unfamiliar terms.

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