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Komatsu Zenoah G230RC Large Scale Engine Specifications

This section features information about the Komatsu Zenoah G230RC engines that are used in large scale radio controlled model cars and GoPed® type vehicles.

Below we have the full factory specifications that were taken from the original manual. Please note that specifications can an do change.

The Engine

Komatsu Zenoah G230RC Engine

Komatsu Zenoah G230RC Engine

Pictured left and right is the Komatsu Zenoah G230RC engine viewed from both the left and the right (you decide which is which!).

Below are the technical specifications taken from the Komatsu Zenoah engine manual, such specifications are, as usual, subject to change without notice.

Many thanks to Alro Racing Systems for supplying the manual and allowing us to take the pictures.

Technical Specifications

Items Unit Specifications Comments
Overall Size (L × W × H) mm 167 × 204 × 195  
Weight Kg 2.1  
Rotating Direction   Counter clockwise as viewed from PTO (Clutch facing you)
Bore x Stroke mm 32 × 28  
Displacement cubic cm 22.5  
Effective Compression Ratio   8.8  
Carburettor Walbro WT-603 12.7mm diameter Venturi  
Starting   Recoil Starter  
Ignition Type   TDI  
Ignition Timing degrees BTDC 30 degrees / 8000 rpm  
Spark Plug Standard Champion RZ7C  
Spark Plug Option (for race use) NGK CR8HVX  
Spark Plug Gap mm 0.6 to 0.7 0.023 to 0.028 in
Clutch Engagement Speed rpm 6000  
No Load Maximum Speed rpm 19500  
Idling Speed rpm 4000  
Maximum Power kW/rpm 2.10/14000 Without air cleaner or muffler
Maximum Torque Nm/rpm 1.72/10000 Without air cleaner or muffler
Fuel Consumption g/kW-h 680 (500g/ps-h) Without air cleaner or muffler
Carburettor Standard Setting H 1-3/8 +/- 1/4  
L 1-1/4 +/- 1/4  

Further Information

PTO = Power Take Off

For help with the terms used throughout this series of pages, please see the Glossary section.

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