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As part of the software we have discovered through the internet, below is our review of the Pit Tools Software which is produced by J.S. Kelly Software.

Our Review

This review is split into two parts to minimise the download speed of the pages. Please use the links that are part of the Main Screen image below to navigate to the various different parts of the review.

What Does it Do?

R/C Pit-Tools is the ultimate all-in-one remote controlled model racing car management software by James Kelly of J.S. Kelly Software. It was continuously developed over a number of years to incorporate numerous different modules that assist you in setting up and maintaining your car. It even has race management and speed trap functions and is suitable for electric as well as gas car owners.
It is a Windows™ based program that should run on ANY version of the Microsoft® operating system (see Notes). Its system resource requirements are so low you would be hard pushed to find a computer it wouldn’t run on, even using an emulator under other operating systems.
A full and actually helpful Help system is provided with the software, which guides you through every aspect of working with the different modules.

The Main Screen

Motor Log Track Log Battery Log Damper Log Tyre Log Championships Torque Converter Fuel Mixtures Speed Trap Practice Times Race Control Corner Weights Gear Ratios Car Setups

Shown in the screenshot is the main menu screen, which provides access to all the various modules of the Pit Tools software. It is so clearly laid out that there is no need for an explanation of the various things it can do.

Don’t let its diminutive size fool you into thinking this is a limited function program, it is a full and complete racers organiser, I can’t think what you could possibly add to it!

Click an area of the screenshot to view further information.

Car Setups

Car Set Ups

Shown to the right is the Car Setup screen, where you can record comprehensive details of your car settings.

There is even a space to record notes, which can prove invaluable in reminding you why you made a particular adjustment.

Gear Ratios

Gear Ratios

Shown in the screenshot is the Gear Ratio screen, where you can calculate the gear ratios and rollout charts of your car and then print them out to take with you to the track.

James has thoughtfully predefined the settings for some cars, but you can enter and save the details for your own car.

Corner Weights

Corner Weights

Shown in the screenshot is the Corner Weights screen, where you can enter the individual weights of each corner of the car.

The results of the calculations from this screen help you to balance the handling of the car and can be a good indicator of a possible problem with a car that is handling badly but measures up OK by other means. All units can be configured to work in metric or imperial units.

Race Control

Race Control

The Pit Tools Race Control section is shown in the screenshot which allows you to record the lap times and results, etc. for a race meeting (up to 100 cars in four classes) using manual lap counting methods.

There is sound output to either a sound card or the computers internal speaker.

Practice Lap Times

Practice Lap Times

The Practice Lap Timing screenshot is shown next, which allows you to record the details of up to four different drivers during practice sessions.

This is ideal for those with a laptop computer in refining your setups before a race.

Speed Trap

Speed Trap

The Speed Trap feature of the software is used for measuring the speed of a car between two fixed points.

Obviously the accuracy of the results is down to your ability to consistently measure the start and end points using a stopwatch, but given enough readings you would be surprised at how accurate you can get.

The units of calculation can be configured to use meters, yards or feet.

Two Stroke Fuel Mixtures

Two Stroke Fuel Mix

Working out the fuel to oil ratio can be difficult for the beginner, so James has incorporated the ability for the Pit Tools program to do all the calculations for you.

You can enter the amount of oil and fuel in the boxes in the screen shown below and it will do the rest for you.

Part Two of the Pit Tools Review.

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