2005 World's DVD now ready

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2005 World's DVD now ready

Postby revup » Tue Oct 04, 2005 6:49 pm

We are now in a position to release the DVD of the 2005 World Championships in Lostallo. Lots of you will be waiting for it and believe me it is worth it! Whether you want it as a souvenir because you were there or to watch it because you were not it has been worth the wait. It has taken some doing to get it all onto four DVD’s. Yes that’s right 4 DVD discs in this presentation pack. We used the latest High Definition Cameras throughout the whole week we were there. Whilst we cannot burn High Definition to normal DVD discs (we will have to wait for Blue Ray and HDV discs to come out in 2006), the quality of the colour is still there with no bleeding of colours or glare from bright colours or day glow body shells and is ‘as you see it with your own eye’ quality.

A lot of you will have seen the 23 short videos we put up on the web during the event but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Filmed in native 16:9 wide screen format, if you are going to play it on a TV you will get the best from it on an LCD or Plasma and input via component sockets. If played on a computer again an LCD screen is best or better still a DVI output to a high quality monitor will have you going, WOW! In the box with the discs will be a special offer (free as well!) to those lucky enough to have High Definition equipment but a half-way stage will be on disc 4 as a sample of what the fuss is all about along with a ‘read-me’ file that may be translated but all this will be explained in the box.

Check out the video trailer at www.rev-up.co.uk
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