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world 2009

Postby SAracer2010 » Fri Jul 10, 2009 3:35 pm

Will the real World Champion please stand up

I have been an RC supporter in South Africa for many years. I think it’s a disgrace the way you guys are slating this prestigious event, hosted in Africa for the first time.

FAMAR / IFMAR have selected South Africa to host the World Championship and you guys, the ambassadors of the sport chose to publically criticize the organizations choice of host.

I see in this thread is the who’s who of 5th scale racing, yet you claim to be the World Champion! Well sir, you are certainly not behaving like one. To be a world champion you have to compete & win on every continent, not your local track you need practice on every weekend. You supposed to promote RC racing, exposing your talent to us mere mortals that one day hope to buy a 5th scale car & that indeed may one day pay some of your income.

Sure the organizers can’t guarantee 100% safety, but tell me which country can?

South Africa recently hosted the IPL cricket tournament, the FIFA Confederation Cup & more recent the Lion’s Tour to SA. Research shows over 60000 Lions supporters traveled here to support the tour.

With 2010 Soccer World Cup around the corner, our airports, public transport, hotels & tourist safety is top priority here.

With the world economy the way it is, I suspect the RC industry is also suffering, is it by some chance the reason you may not travel is financial and not the fear for your safety?

To say ‘whoever wins this event, or better still does not win may not be a worthy champ” is a disgrace. I am sure that person who is crowned World Champion in Africa would rather disassociate himself with you..

If you still chose not to come & maybe so a new World Champion is crowned I wish him all the best & may the “so called risk” he takes to travel here, the memories of South Africa and the new people he meets here far out live your pessimistic narrow mindedness.

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Postby Pog Ma Thon » Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:37 pm

Hi SAracer2010,

To reply to your post.

What you say is very valid but i dont think it stands for a couple of reasons.

1. Tell me, how many representatives for South Africa were at the Worlds in Australia in 2007? How many were there in Switzerland in 2005?

2. As an independant racer who has no tracks in his country to practice on, i rely on travelling to destinations to race so i am always open to going to new tracks. Personally i would love to race in South Africa but when my courier company says to me that they cannot garauntee the goods getting to South Africa then i question bringing up to 10,00Euros worth of equipment over there.

3. Yes, a lot of sporting championships are being held at the moment and are being held in the future in South Africa. But these are all international, TV/Media shown sports that have quite a bit of coverage. So of course a hell of a lot more security is going to be used for those events. I doubt the same security will be shown for the 1/5th Scale World Championships. Also the money involved in those events are ten fold to what we do.

I can understand why you are angry but i believe its too far gone to bother making a fuss about.

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Postby Brian » Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:00 pm

you are getting good at this writing malarky cormac :o maybe a future irish td in the making.
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Postby Markus Feldmann » Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:02 pm

To state something clear from someone touched by the posts before. Of course financial crisis has touched anyone and anything and surely also the rc industry. But talking to me as a member of the FG Team, FG asked me to go there and I said I don´t want. I wanted in first, but talking to friends living down and they also telling me their worries my father and I (who usually race all over the world) finally decided to stay home.

AND at the end with a Worlds having 22 entries at the end winning that is for nuts.

I fully agree to Cormac asking why they place a worlds in SA as far as I remember the loads of SA racers being in LA, Lostallo and Brisbane where WE all raced all over there, even if that hasn´t been our local tracks too (like some here stated!!!)

I fully agree on the other hand to support our sport and get new people running rc cars. But to compare a 1/5th scale worlds safety issue with a soccer worlds is silly. I think the financial background and worldwide interest is a bit different.
It also was expensive to go to LA and Brisbane, but at the end anybody could move freely and relaxed outside the track and hotel without being afraid to get robbed or even worse.

Brisbane and LA and many other countries I´ve been to race for are also countries I would like to go on vacation, Pretoria isn´t one for me to go for 100% to spent time.
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Postby MIKEEEE » Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:28 am

I may be mistaken, but I seen to recall that at the beginning of the story we were told by some of the racers in SA that we should not travel with our gear as luggage on the plane, as it would disappear before it got out of the airport, we then go an talk to the transport companies and we are told that we must sign to release the transport company from the guaranteed delivery time and also sign to accept that they will not be responsible if the boxes are lost.
As a driver who gets NO sponsorship (like 90% of 1:5 racers) do you really think that we are just going to sign away almost 10,000Euros of equipment that has taken many years to collect/make. The top drivers in our hobby are great ambassadors and spent a great deal of time helping others both at the track as well as away from it, so to cast dispersions is out of order.
SAracer, next time you travel out of SA please come to an event in any EU country and you will see both sides of the story first hand, not just rely on what you can get from this thread.
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Postby Oddified » Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:10 pm

All the top drivers race all over the world, and i've personaly raced at all the previous large scale (and many other classes over the years) world championships (Germany, LA, Switzerland and Australia), none of which are on my doorstep. For me personaly there are numerous issues ( safety, costs, location....) that individualy wouldn't deter me from attending, but all put together made me decide to say no to this event.

The latest information i have is that there are 17 entries for the event, 14 of which are from SA. Many drivers from all over the world seem to have come to the same decision not to enter and they can't all be wrong :idea:

Perhaps we have all made a big mistake, we'll never know.

From another angle, Ifmar and the 4 organising blocks should perhaps review the current system for allocating world championship events. The presumption that because it's 'The World Championships', drivers will attend no matter where it they won't :idea: :!:

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Postby the stig » Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:59 pm

Pog Ma Thon wrote:Hi SAracer2010,

1. Tell me, how many representatives for South Africa were at the Worlds in Australia in 2007? How many were there in Switzerland in 2005?


Ian you are also absolutely spot on and if the worlds do go ahead with the 17 entries, it will be interesting to see if the SA world champion will race in France in 2 years and what position they will finish when all top drivers are present

regards gary
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Postby jim jones » Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:58 pm

Please dont shoot this idea down if you dont like it as it is just a suggestion to maybe help.
As everyone would agree, the lack of entries to any event, only demeens its value, there are issues in SA that other countries are'nt experiencing, so that does give valid concerns for possible entrants.
How about a relocation of the event, i know it's short notice, but where there's a will there's a way. As we all know and hopefully agree, the recent Euro event at brooklands was sucsessful due to the managment and oranisation of all those concerned, as this is a proven track and event could it be possible to maybe change it to there (obviously if the said organisers where interested), for one this would definately increase the participants and keep the World Championship event as the top Meeting. Now i understand that this would cause extra financial cost to the SA team, so maybe a small increase in entrants fee could be passed on to the SA team, to help cover their travel. Like i said this is only an idea, and no disrespect to SA intended.
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Postby MIKEEEE » Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:38 am

At the moment with only 17 entrants, it is not a good plan for the SA club to run the worlds now, it could ruin them financially.
There are a lot of behind the scene works that have to be done and these all cost. At the moment with such a low number of drivers they could run qualifying, heats, semi's and the main final all in a single day and never recover the costs.
It might be time for the SA club to pull the plug and come back to fight another day.
The racing at Brookland raceway was well organized but I think it maybe a little too short notice to move the event.
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Postby akouk » Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:57 am

In my opinion, the event must be carried out where originaly assigned to, or be cancelled. In that case, with some lenience in favor of the SA club, regarding solving the legal (agreement) issues that will arise.

IFMAR must hold the WC rotation order, but must also curry the (financial) load of a possible failure due to reasons such as the current. It seems fair.

Relocating the event in such a short notice (even if it the UK track has already IFMAR standards) would only result in having 17 top class drivers instead of 17 "no-pro" drivers. Which I think is not the point.
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