Ideas for 2013

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Ideas for 2013

Postby mike_humphreys » Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:43 pm

Does anyone have any ideas to improve the section for the new season? Improve numbers, make largescale on road more appealing? or are people happy they way things are?
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Postby jim jones » Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:01 pm

I know I put this up on Facebook recently, but as everyone might not use Facebook I have re-posted it on here, I will be interested to see any feedback, and maybe consider trying to get it in for 2014.

I have always been in favour of having a controlled class in some way.
Currently we have 2 seperate championships but 3 levels of drivers, now that we do not have the Super Nationals and Nationals competing for two championships, drivers have chosen to use the GT championship as the Nat class, this is restricting the growth of the saloon class and leaving a percentage of drivers competing for minor places with no chance of winning titles. And no incentive for GT drivers to move into saloons.
Keep Saloon class as is with the exception of re-introducing the two championship points system in one, top ten run as National A class, and the rest as National B class.
Reason: Then all levels of drivers have a championship to race for.

Change the GT Class to the National C class and introduce a few cost effective changes, i.e. tyre control and maybe no spoiler and/or std eco air filter. (The reason I said eco filter and no spoiler, slows cars down, minimal cost and easy to police).
Reason: This then becomes the entry level class that feeds the main saloon class with some emphasis on budget, keeping performance more equal, and being less intimidating for new drivers, also visually easier to police.

I know this isn’t a standard class idea as such, but this does allow anyone to turn up with any car new/used within the saloon format, and with a couple of minor mods they can race at either level.
Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to suggest this idea at 2012 AGM, if this idea is popular I will propose it at the 2013 AGM.

Mike , I think overall we have a fantastic Nat series, but looking for new ideas will always be good.
jim jones
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Postby mike_humphreys » Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:32 pm

I like the ideas, maybe look at other variations of your idea.

Saloon class split into.....

top 10 from the previous year become the National class with the remainder being the Clubman class

Every season, the top 5 GTS drivers move up to the saloon class.

The remaining GTS drivers (after the previous years top 5 have moved up) are split into Clubman class (remaining top 10 or 15?) and Beginners class.

This will as Jim says, allow people who buy 2nd hand or older comp cars to have a fairer chance of "the glory" or just being able to race on a more competitive level.

Then have a standard class such as the sportsline trucks which are by far the cheapest things to run.

Then we publicise large scale like crazy with flyers, a largescale only facebook page, forums and so on.
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