idea for next season

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idea for next season

Postby CARB » Tue Sep 03, 2013 6:52 pm

Just having been to the LS national at Mendip I came away with an idea to put up for discussion.

This will be for the finals only and intails if you use a standard engine with standard air filter you get a bonus of two laps being added to your total.

if you already have a tuned engine then a new barrel, piston, ring, flywheel and air filter is required.

I see it as helping with start up costs new engines cost £275.00 and tuned could be as much as you want to pay, to rebuild a tuned engine I think pistons start at about £50.00 and a less power full engine may also help with tyres ware.

If a top driver can win by two laps with a tuned engine yet is then only just able to win with the two lap bonus, is it not then obvious to switch to a standard engine, eventually everyone will be on standard motors and the sport will be just as competitive a little slower but a bit less expensive to start with and to keep going with.
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