g230 be g240

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g230 be g240

Postby jungle massive » Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:47 am

I have both engines..
The g230 I have has a bunch more power and revs

Are they really that different?
I'm just clocking the 230 up now to compare the two timing wise..
Obvious difference I noticed was the bottom transfer port ( 230 can be matched by grinding a fair bit out where as the 240 seems close already )
Any tips to get the 240 cracking? I purchased the 230 second hand and it is ported with eyebrows and such...
Would copying the timing and shapes to the 240 be advised or are these two completely different engines.
Any help would be great. I know this Is a secret dark art..surely though there are some starter novice engine building tips / links / photos somewhere....
jungle massive
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