Alpe Adria Cup 2012, 1:8 I.C. & 1:10 I.C.

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Alpe Adria Cup 2012, 1:8 I.C. & 1:10 I.C.

Postby Light » Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:15 am

We are proud to announce:

1/10 and 1/8 I.C. Track MONOTYRE racing series

- 4 countries – 4 races
- Monotyre racing gives same condition for everybody
- No additives allowed (park ferme)
- Low cost racing (limited tyres)
- Superpole before the main final
- The motto of Alpe Adria Cup 2012: FUN - FAIR RACING – FRIENDSHIP

Why to participate at the Alpe Adria Cup 2012?

- to enjoy racing and have fun
- to meet new friends
- to race in equal conditions as other racers
- to be competitive without the need of high budget
- to get your first racing experience on a racetrack
- to meet some pro class drivers and get some support
- to be Alpe Adria Cup 2012 champion and get some factory support for the next season
- to be able to win some great lottery prizes

Race Calendar:

1st race: 28-29 April
Tolmin (Slovenia)

2nd race: 2-3 June
Zagreb (Croatia)

3rd race: 22-23 September
Kirchberg/Raab (Austria)

4th race: 12-14 October
Cervignano (Italy)

Contact us !

Official Web page
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