International race in Verona

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International race in Verona

Postby Tommaso » Thu Mar 19, 2015 9:36 am

Hi everybody,

long time no posting ..... are still people reading this forum ? I hope so !!!

We have an international race on our beautiful track the Sponsor is RS5 . All the big names will be attending …..

This will be the first edition of a long series of races in the years to come .

I know it is a long shot , but should you make it , I can assure you it will be very worthwhile . The track has now been running for almost 3 years , and we constantly added something .we have 95 % of the members that use 1/5 cars , it is designed with 1/5 in mind . It is high grip , after 20 mins with 4 cars you can set SCS on 2 and wide open on the gas out of all corners .... not dangerous for our beloved cars .... wide run off areas ..... artificial grass , so very clean even off line . Really special asphalt , every body that comes , is amazed by the amount of grip and the minimum wear of the tyres.
The surrounding are just as nice , we are inside and airport so very fascinating , planes taking off and landing , parachutes ….. really peculiar .

The date is 30-31 May so nice and hot but not too hot …

Booking and general info here : ... ter-series

The main airport is Verona airport with low costs flights from anywhere . The airport is 15 min from the track .Alternativly should you own a jetplane, you can land in the Boscomantico airport directly , so you would save on renting a car .... not bad ?


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Re: International race in Verona

Postby RcTek » Thu Mar 19, 2015 7:55 pm


I am, at least...

Thanks for the info :-)

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Re: International race in Verona

Postby LMCALDERON » Sat May 23, 2015 6:56 am

Hi Tommaso!
Good luck in the race!
Please tell how it was, and hope can join in other ocasion!
Luis M
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