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Our First Million - 15th March 2001

We are pleased to announce that the RcTek server has handled its 1,000,000th request. Given that the site has been ‘live’ for less than six months, we are justifiably proud to have passed the million mark.

Our search engine positioning continues to get better and with it is our confidence that we are supplying accurate and relevant information to the millions of interested parties out there, not just the model car racing community.


9th December 2001

The site is now handling one million requests every four weeks.

29th July 2001

The site is now even busier, the first million took six months, we are currently having a million requests every six weeks!!

26th December 2008

I don’t bother counting any more and this page needs attention…

Praise for the ‘Team’

Although there is only one person that is responsible for the content of the RcTek site, I must personally praise those who have loyally supported and assisted me in the success of this site;

My wife, my daughter and my Mum - love you lots.

Rob Lochier at Alro Racing Systems - a saint amongst sinners.

Site Design & Changes

The site has undergone many changes in this short time to try to offer a fast, no fuss supply of resources and information to the radio controlled model car owner. The continuing development cycle of the RcTek site has lead us to look at all kinds of systems, but we feel that the straight forward static (and possibly boring) format offers the best solution without unnecessary performance problems of the alternatives.

Our actual pages served may seem low compared to other sites, but with our layout you get one page for one view, something which cannot be said of the dynamic content driven sites, which can generate requests for pages that run into double figures for one article which would have quite easily fitted on one single page. Anyway enough about the figures that the majority of you don’t care about.


Our inventory of articles continues to grow (check the site map) at a good pace, the content of which being based upon my perception of what the average radio controlled model car owner would like to know. We do consider requests though!

We know we are directly linked from a bearing manufacturers site and also have had an article accepted for publishing in one of the top R/C magazines.


Despite promises by many, the roll of honour for those who have contributed articles to the site extends only to the webmaster. Thanks go to Rob Lochier of Alro Racing Systems for his photos/images, loan of products, technical knowledge and proof reading. Praise must also go to David Hyde and Keith Plested for their input regarding the PB Dart.


The level of feedback on the site is surprisingly very low. Apart from those who have been dismayed that they cannot buy anything from the site, we assume the lack of feedback is because visitors are finding what they are looking for and what they are finding is both accurate and well explained.

We can only guess that if the content of the articles was wrong people would take great delight in telling us so.

The Future

We plan to continue extending the content of the site to cover as many aspects of radio controlled model cars as is possible, but it is in some ways a thankless task, as people expect new articles daily and don’t consider the amount of time that goes into creating such content for the site.

As it is, I have spent in excess of 2000 hours and a considerable amount of money in creating what is already here, a substantial investment from which I won’t derive any financial return.


In some way I should apologise for the lack of advertising and promotion on the site - it seems that the model racers out there want direct links in order to buy products featured on the site. For the time being there is but one advertiser on the site, which is there as a thank you to Rob Lochier of Alro Racing Systems for his help with the site.


We try to feature links to relevant sites in all articles and also add links to those who request them. It would be nice if those who request links would do the honourable thing and link back to us.

With nearly 500 outgoing links from the site and over 220,000 internal ones it is quite a maintenance task in ensuring that as many work as possible.

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