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RC Model Car Glosssary of Terms - B

Below we have a glossary of terms that is a general one that relates to all scales of radio controlled model cars. It is far from complete yet as it is a rather time consuming process.

The below entries only cover terms beginning with the letter B.

Related articles and content may be found in the index to this section.

BHP - Brake Horsepower

Brake horsepower describes the measurement unit of the power available from an engine (or motor) that a dynamometer (dyno) determines by placing a braking load upon (usually) the crankshaft and calculating the amount of resistance which the engine can produce.

Dynamometers don’t directly measure horsepower, they measure the torque of the engine, the brake horsepower is then either manually or automatically calculated, depending on the sophistication of the dynamometer.

Brake Mean Effective Pressure

Brake Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP) is used as an indicator to express the average engine efficiency of all engines, be they two stroke or four stroke. BMEP is a function of the temperature of the burning gases in the engine cylinder and is used to show how efficient the engine/exhaust combination is.

Put simply, if a pipe/engine combination can make better use of the fuel/air mixture, it will produce more heat in the combustion process and will therefore produce the same amount of power (if not more) as another pipe/engine combination whilst using less fuel. This is beneficial for such as long finals, where pit stops are either not allowed or take precious track time.

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