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RC Model Car Glosssary of Terms - D

Below we have a glossary of terms that is a general one that relates to all scales of radio controlled model cars. It is far from complete yet as it is a rather time consuming process.

The below entries only cover terms beginning with the letter D.

Related articles and content may be found in the index to this section.


See Differential.


A differential, or as it is commonly referred to as, a diff, is an aptly named assembly that exists to allow the driven wheels at each end of an axle to rotate at different speeds. This helps (and depending on the type of diff and the circumstances, hinders) in controlling the traction available to the model car as it attempts to divide the torque equally between the two wheels. See our Differentials section for further information, especially the article entitled “How”.

Diffing Out

Also referred to as Unloading. A situation where the drive is transmitted to the wheel with the least amount of load upon it.


A name synonymous with the MotoTool, a high-speed rotary tool that is used to cut, grind and polish small parts and objects. Dremel is the name of the company. Although Dremel is the most popular, tools such as this are invaluable to the average radio controlled model enthusiast.

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