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RC Model Car Glosssary of Terms - H

Below we have a glossary of terms that is a general one that relates to all scales of radio controlled model cars. It is far from complete yet as it is a rather time consuming process.

The below entries only cover terms beginning with the letter H.

Related articles and content may be found in the index to this section.


A measurement scale used to express the power available from an engine that is usually measured at the output shaft of the engine. It can also be measured at the wheels, but some drive trains would give higher results than others due to efficiency differences.

The horsepower scale was originally devised by James Watt as a way of conveying the amount of work a horse could do in a certain amount of time. He apparently observed pit ponies at work and determined that a horse could do 33,000 foot-pounds of work in one minute. This means that the horse could move the equivalent of 33,000 pounds a distance of one foot in one minute.

Note that the three parts to this equation, namely foot, pounds and minute, so the 33,000 can be mathematically expressed as moving 330 pounds a distance of 100 feet in one minute (330 × 100 = 33,000) or 33 pounds a distance of 1000 feet in one minute (33 × 1000 = 33,000). The same mathematics apply for calculating the power for seconds; 33,000/60 = 550 foot-pounds per second. Foot-pounds is normally abbreviated to ft/lb.

The foot-pound scale can be translated into various other units and is equivalent to 746 watts or 2,545 British Thermal Units (BTU).


A tradename for a device that consists of a coil of metal formed as a screw thread to repair damaged threaded holes. See the manufacturers website for further details or the Wikipedia article entitled Threaded insert.

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