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RC Model Car Glosssary of Terms - T

Below we have a glossary of terms that is a general one that relates to all scales of radio controlled model cars. It is far from complete yet as it is a rather time consuming process.

The below entries only cover terms beginning with the letter T.

Related articles and content may be found in the index to this section.




The grip of a tyre on a track surface.


A twisting or rotating force. A word of Latin origin, torques a twisted neck chain, from torquere to twist. See the Wikipedia article for detailed information.

Torque is a force that usually turns things. When you put a spanner (wrench) on a nut and press down you are applying torque to the nut. The combustion of the fuel/air mixture also generates torque to turn the crankshaft and can be measured in inch-pounds (in/lb), foot-pounds (ft/lb), but is now more commonly measured in the SI (Standards Institute) unit of Newton Meters (N/M).

This measurement scale is composed of two parts, the Newton is the force and the meter is the distance from the centre of rotation. Like the examples given above the two are mathematically proportional, that is; 1 Newton at one meter = 2 Newtons at half of a meter.

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