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Komatsu Zenoah G230RC Engine Go-Ped FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about the Zenoah G230RC engines that can be fitted to GoPed® type vehicles.

Many thanks to Rob Lochier of Alro Racing Systems for assisting with the answers to the below questions.

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G230RC GoPed® Engines Seizing

Q. I’ve Been Hearing that the G230RC Engines are Seizing?

A. Yes it is true that a few people have “locked” up the engines but those that Alro Racing Systems have been able to investigate appear to have been due to either a little ignorance of the new engine (usually failure to read the manual before use) and people “modifying” the engine by various means. The most common of these modifications seems to be advancing the timing on the flywheel too much and thus causing the engine to run a higher piston temperature. The G230RC engine has a much higher degree of advance timing compared to the G2D and G23LH engines to start with, so advancing it the same as you would the others is too much!!

Also attempts to run “lean” in order to get higher rpm has the same effect, as does trying to run with oil fuel mixtures of less than the recommended 25 to 1. Several people have tried to run 40 and even 50 to 1 ratios and have had problems!!

This engine was purpose designed for the model car market and is not a hedge cutter type engine that sacrifices power output to cater for the abuse that such engines are ordinarily subjected to. As it is more powerful, it requires a more careful running in period (conservative use of the throttle) than the other engines you may have used and DOES need high quality two stroke oil.

Another point that needs to be considered is that the use of a tuned pipe and high flow air filter affects the performance and the fuel/air mixture needs to be appropriately adjusted.

Performance Caburetters for GoPeds

Q. Can I Use the Performance Caburetter for the G2D Engine?

A. The performance carburetter sold for the G2D is a standard carburetter taken from the G23OPUH helicopter engine. As the G230RC comes equipped with a 12.7mm carburetter, there will be a performance loss if you attempt to fit this “performance” carburetter.

Crankshaft Modifications for GoPeds

Q. Does the Crankshaft Have to be Modified?

A. Unlike the Tech/Boss (HPI) engines, the Zenoah engines do not require any modifications to the crank.

GoPed® Special Mounting Brackets

Q. Do I Need a Special Mounting Bracket?

A. Unlike the Tech/Boss (HPI) engines, the G230RC (like all the Zenoah engines) fit without any special mounting brackets. The only extra you will need to fit the engine is a bracket for the throttle cable fixing.

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Please note that the RcTek site does not sell engines!

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