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Model Car Bearing Information

This section of the RcTek site aims to provide information about the different types of bearings used in radio controlled model cars and should serve as a useful reference to not just the model car racer.

Although bearings are usually regarded as disposable items, an understanding of how they work will help you to keep your car running better and with less expense.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Spherical roller bearings

Although an often overlooked and mistreated part of a radio controlled model car, the bearing is an important link in transferring motion from the engine/motor to the track surface. In this article we have information about how they work and the parts that they are made up of so that you will be better informed when maintaining your car.

Roller Bearing Shields

Roller bearing shields

As a further article to the deep groove roller bearing article, we have images and descriptions of the various different types of shields that are fitted to bearings.

Thrust Race Bearings

Thrust race assembly

To provide a little more information to model car owners, especially those who use centaxial type clutches, we have an article on Thrust race bearings.

One-Way Bearings

One-Way Bearings

To compliment the article on Two Speed Transmissions, we have also prepared an article entirely devoted to one-way bearings, which are used in the transmissions of radio controlled cars.

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