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Serpent Centax Clutch Adjusting Tool

As we had just acquired a rather well travelled Serpent Vector, we would like to bring to your attention some of the tools we have made and/or use to make setting up various parts of a car that little bit easier.

The Adjusting Tool

Centax Adjusting Tool

Although we made this tool for adjusting the Centax clutches some time ago (2001), it was/is still in use by those few people we made them for.

Please note: We are not making this tool for sale to the model car community, although Serpent or some other manufacturer may be interested should there be sufficient demand.

The Problem

Centax Clutch adjusting nut

The nut on the Serpent Centax clutch (part number 6583) is shown to the right and rather than being hexagonal, it has slots cut into what is otherwise a perfectly circular means to adjust the pre-load on the clutch spring (part number 6586).

Whilst this makes it easy for the clutch to be adjusted with the clutch bell on, it can be hard to assemble and adjust the clutch as pliers or something similar have to be used.

The Solution

Centax Clutch Adjusting Tool

Serpent Centax Clutch Adjusting Tool

After thinking of a few possible solutions we came up with the solution shown to the left.

It is fairly simple in design and construction and slots over the end of the crankshaft and turns the adjusting nut by means of a hardened steel pin which is coloured red in the diagrams.

Design/Construction Notes

Centax Adjuster end view

The body of the adjuster is made from aluminium and is a straight forward turning job. The driving pin (red) and the T-bar are both made from piano wire and were an interference fit in holes that were drilled slightly undersized.

Putting the driving pin in the right place was the most difficult job as we only have very basic machinery available.

We did think of putting in two driving pins, but this is unnecessary and frought with alignment problems unless you are using the correct machinery.

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