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Belleville Washers

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In this article we have information for the model racer about Belleville Washers.

What is a Belleville Washer?

Belleville Washers

A Belleville washer is a compact type of spring in the shape of a washer that has been pressed into a dished shape and then hardened and tempered.

They are usually made from spring steel and a typical example is shown in the image to the right.

What are They Used For?

Belleville washers can be used in various applications to apply a load upon a surface or provide some form of vibration absorption system.

Their use in radio controlled model cars, though, extends to such things as Adjustable Differentials and Clutches.

How Do They Work?

Belleville washers are simple in their operation and provide an inexpensive and compact springing solution.

If you Play the animation to the right, which shows a cross-sectional view of belleville washer, you will see how a load applied to the centre is distributed to the edges of the washer. As it is a spring, when the load is removed, it returns to its former state.

Obviously the reverse is true in that a compressing force can also be applied to the edges to transfer the force to the centre.

You may Stop the animation if required.

Their Limitations

Multiple Belleville Washers

As they are such a compact springing solution, there isn't a great deal of movement available with each spring. This limitation can be overcome by placing multiple springs next to each other. These must always be placed back to back as shown in the image on the left.

Those who needed a progressive springing solution could always use springs of different thickness (made from thinner gauge steel).


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