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King Pin (Kingpin) Inclination Angle

This article is part of a section of the RcTek site devoted to radio controlled model car handling. As car handling is an extremely complex subject, it will be quite some time before it is finished.

This article explains what King Pin Inclination Angle (KPI) is, although it is sometimes referred to as Steering Angle Inclination (SAI).

What is King Pin Inclination?

Model Car King Pin Inclination Angles

Model Car King Pin Inclination Angles

The term king pin inclination refers to the angle made between the centres of the axle block pivot points on your model car as viewed from the front of the car.

What Does King Pin Inclination Do?

This article only explains what king pin inclination is and for the moment only serves as a reference fro the other articles in this section of the RcTek site. An article will be published when the other sections are completed.

King Pin Inclination & Caster Angle Confusion

Model Car King Pin Inclination Angles

Model Car Positive Caster Angles

There is sometimes confusion created king pin inclination being associated with caster angles. This presumably is due to the affect that both have on camber change when the wheels are turned. Both the examples shown to the left and right will produce changes in camber, but will produce them from different planes.

Please refer to our article on Caster Angle Effects On Camber for more information.

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