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Radio Controlled Model Car Handling Information

This article is part of a section of the RcTek site devoted to radio controlled model car handling. As car handling is an extremely complex subject, it will be quite some time before it is finished.

This article explains the reason we have decided to devote a fair amount of time to this important subject.

Nothing Is Free

Before talking about anything else we would like to introduce a crucial element to remote controlled model car handling.

Setting up and adjusting the handling of remote controlled model cars is essentially all about trade-offs. Above absolute basic levels, it is very rare that what you gain you do not lose somewhere else. For example, the grip you gained at the front of the car has to come from somewhere, it’s not magic, it was taken from the grip you had at the rear.

Model Car Handling

Understanding the concepts behind model car handling are the key to success for anyone. Whilst sheer driving ability is an important aspect, it means nothing without the necessary skills to be able to analyse what your model car is, or is not, doing.

Although generally there is a great deal of assistance available track side from people with a great deal of experience with model car handling, the welcomed help from them in setting up your model car is good usually only for that meeting. There simply isn't enough time to explain about model car handling at a meeting and those who freely offer their help usually have other commitments (they are either racing or acting as pit crew for someone).

Physics is at the root of understanding model car handling and there are countless web sites and books available that will explain all in the most technical of terms, but they are usually above the average model car driver who will fail to see the relevance. The purpose of this series is to try and demystify the “black art” of model car handling using examples that almost all will understand.

We are only human though and make no claims to knowing everything (or anything), we are simply trying to apply a common sense approach to educating fellow model car drivers and will appreciate any feedback on the articles.

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