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This is the main section of the RcTek site and aims to provide general information about radio controlled model cars and other subjects such as radio frequencies, gearing charts, conversion charts and metric thread listings.


Prototype Large Scale Model Car Magnetic Differential

Prototype Large Scale Model Car Magnetic Differential

We have some pictures of a prototype large scale model car magnetic differential made and kindly submitted by Ian Oddie to accompany a post made by him in the forum.

The Different Types of Springs That Are Used On Model Cars

Springs Used On Model Cars

There are a many springs used on radio controlled model cars, but all are variations on a few basic types. In this article we show you examples of the most common ones and give details of how they work.

Model Car Plastic Bumpers - Curing the Droop

Droopy plastic bumpers

In a bid to either reduce weight, cost or comply with safety regulations, the bumpers on the front of some model cars droop down at their edges and trail on the track. In this article we have a novel solution to this problem.

Brake Cam Modification

Brake Cam Modification

Following a track-side request, we have put together an article about a brake cam modification that can substantially increase the braking performance of your model car.

Exhaust Mountings

Exhaust Mountings

Following a request to supply an exhaust mounting solution for a Serpent Veteq, we have put together an article about the various different options for exhaust mountings and the reasons for implementing them.

Centrifugal & Centripetal Forces

Centrifugal & Centripetal Forces

There has been an announcement that centrifugal force does not exist.
Whilst we don't want to argue with the those that know better, we have our own reasons for believing in centrifugal force.

Wheel & Tyre Mounting Systems - Part One

Wheel Mounting Systems

PMT Pegaso Wheels

This article compliments our article on the PMT Pegaso Wheel System for the large scale remote controlled car and attempts to explain the most common method of mounting rubber tyres on model cars.

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