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PMT Pegaso Large Scale Glue-Less Wheels — Part 1

As part of our series of articles about radio controlled model car wheels and tyres we have the following article about the Pegaso wheel and tyre combinatio that PMT produced for the large scale cars.

Many thanks to Alro Racing Systems for supplying the wheels and the tyres used in this article.

This article is split into two parts, with the both the wheels and the tyres in this first part. The way that the Pegaso system works is covered in Part Two

Note: This article was originally written in 2001, but the Pegaso wheel sytem was still listed on the PMT website (December, 2008).

The Wheels

PMT Pegaso wheel

Shown left and below are various pictures of the parts of the wheel assembly.

The wheels are actually made in three separate parts, the third part is supplied pre-glued by the factory to the tyre.

The quality of the mouldings is very good and the parts fit together very well.

A pack of M2.5 machine screws and nuts is supplied with the wheel, which are used to sandwich the tyre between the two outer parts shown here.

The Pegaso wheel system is available in white, black and grey/silver and was available from most large scale model car outlets (see note afbove).

pmt pegaso wheelPMT Pegaso WheelPMT Pegaso WheelPMT Pegaso Wheel

The Tyres

PMT Pegaso Kronos Tyre

PMT Pegaso Tyre

The tyres (Kronos version shown left), as mentioned above, come complete with the third part of the wheel assembly already glued to the inside of the tyre. This plastic moulded sleeve has strengthening ribs running across its width, which can be seen in the picture on the right. The tyres have the usual foam liner, which is glued to both the plastic moulding and the tyre.

Although not very clear in the picture on the right, the tyre has a bead made from a spiral spring.


That about covers the details of the introduction of the PMT Pegaso wheel and tyre system.

Part Two - Details of How the Pegaso Wheel System Works

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