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Radio Control Model Car Operating Frequencies

This article is part of a section of the RcTek site that provides information about the radio equipment used to control model cars.

With the assistance of Ian Oddie of Oddified.com, we have compiled a list of legal radio frequencies for model cars for various countries around the World. This is ideal for those attending European & World Championships, etc.

40Mhz & 27Mhz UK Frequencies

This page contains charts for both 40Mhz and 27Mhz. The 27Mhz one also features the colour equivalents.

75Mhz & 27Mhz USA Frequencies

This page has the 27Mhz and 75Mhz legal radio frequencies for the US Countries. The 27Mhz one also features the colour equivalents.

35Mhz, 36Mhz, 41Mhz, 72Mhz & 434Mhz European Frequencies

This page has the 35Mhz, 36Mhz, 41Mhz, 72Mhz and 434Mhz Frequencies legal radio frequencies that are used in European Countries.

Radio Frequencies PDF File

Radio Frequencies PDF File - 19kb

We have compiled all of the above charts into a single A4 page Adobe Acrobat PDF file that can be easily printed. Click the image to download the file.

European Radio Frequencies CHM File

European Frequencies - 37kb

We have compiled a Windows™ CHM help file containing all the frequencies for radio controlled model cars currently legal in the various parts of Europe. Click the image to download the file.


We have tried to be as complete and accurate as possible with the frequency charts on this page. If there are errors or you have radio controlled frequency charts for your own country not included in this Radio Frequencies section, please contact us.

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