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Radio Controlled Model Car Transmissions

Two speed transmissions are an increasingly popular fitment on radio controlled model cars today, whether they are a standard fitment, or are fitted as an upgrade.

The design that is featured predominantly throughout this section is based on that used by Serpent Model Cars for their range of radio controlled cars. Designs from other manufacturers vary, but almost all work using the same basic principles.

How Gears & Pulleys Work

How gears work

Ever wanted to know how gears work?

If so, we have an article about how gears and pulleys work along with such things as the benefits of having the correct profile of the teeth.

Two Speed Transmissions - How They Work

How Two Speed Transmissions Work

This article explains the principles involved and also introduces the parts used in two speed transmissions.

It then continues by using Adobe Flash content to show you how model car two speed transmissions work.

Two Speed Adapter

Two Speed Adapter

The two speed adapter can develop problems after long service period that results in erratic or non-existent gear changes. This article aims to tell the model car racer how and why this happens and offers solutions and the benefits of alternatives. We also have a suggestion for a solution to problems with removing the adapter.

Two Speed Clutch Bell

Two Speed Clutch Bell

The two speed clutch bell can wear and cause problems for the model car owner. This article explains what the symptoms are and offers a few solutions.

It uses Adobe Flash content to illustrate one of the problems.

Ball Bearing Adjuster/Actuator Problems

Ball Bearing Adjuster and Actuator

The ball bearing adjuster/actuator assembly can wear and/or deform, which can potentially cause a problem to the model car racer with his two speed transmission.

Dust Caps

Two Speed Dust Cap

The dust caps provided with your model car are there to stop dust and other contaminants from entering the assembly and stopping it from working properly. For this reason you should always make sure that they are fitted to the car. They are inexpensive parts and should be replaced immediately if lost.

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