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FG Modellsport Brake Modification

This article is part of our Tips section, which aims to provide information regarding tips, tricks and modifications to a particular car or part, ones that don’t really warrant a specific article. The Technical Information section contains information regarding a wide range of subjects.

In this article we have a couple of simple and inexpensive tips that were submitted by Peter Deligioridis. They involve his modifications to the brakes on his FG Modellsport large scale car, although they are equally applicable to many other large scale cars such as the HARM ones.

Brake Calliper Lever

FG Modellsport Brake Lever Modification

FG Modellsport Brake Lever Modification

The standard FG brake lever is shown in green in the image to the left and it suffers wear as it frequently contacts the inside of the wheel rim, which is denoted by the red line.
The modified lever is shown to the right and simply involves reversing the loop at the end by bending the lever in the opposite direction.

This lowers the height of the bend in the lever sufficiently enough to create clearance between it and the wheel rim.

Brake Calliper Lever Retaining Screw

Peters second tip achieves constant braking force by replacing the original FG set screw with an M3 x 4mm socket head cap screw. It does this by ensuring that the brake lever does not twist each time the brakes are applied. Apparently he feels that there is no need to use thread lock in this area, but some low strength variety applied to the threads would be a good idea.

Depending on rims that are used the head of the screw may need to be ground down to allow free wheel spin or a Hexagonal Headed one could be used (which would allow for quick adjustments/checking with the wheel in place).


Many thanks to Peter for these two useful tips that should be of great use to many of the large scale drivers.

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