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Large Scale Tip - Preventing Wear on the Solo Engine Flywheel

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Large Scale - Solo Engine Pull Starter

Solo Engine Pull Starter

Remove the pull starter housing by removing the four screws. When pulling on the start rope, you will see the starter drive pawl (the plastic part that catches the flywheel) come out to engage the flywheel. This starter drive pawl must be in the upper part of the pull starter housing when the start rope is released. If this is not the case the drive pawl will eventually drop somewhat due to the vibration and begin to scrape the inside of the flywheel. This will cause unwanted and unnecessary wear on the flywheel.

You can get the drive pawl into the upper position by shortening the start rope. First remove the knot from the start handle of the start rope. Then you have to pull the start rope little by little until the drive pawl is in the upper part of the of the pull start housing. Then you have to re-tie the knot in the rope thus preventing the drive pawl going into the lower part of the pull start housing.

Beware that when handling the rope, that you hold on to it - if you let it slip into the housing you will have to rewind the spring.

Many thanks to Harry van der Heijden for allowing us to publish this tip

Deze tip is er ook in het Nederlands op http://1op5paddock.nl.nu (site not available December 2008).

Photo courtesy and copyright Harry van der Heijden.

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